Veterinarians are required to earn twenty (20) credit hours of continuing education for each year before becoming eligible for license renewal.  For 2024 CE reporting you may obtain ten (10) of the the twenty (20) CE hours online through completion of RACE (Registry of Approved Continuing Education) approved course. The remaining ten (10) CE hours will have to be in-person, and you may obtain them through seminars sponsored by AVMA, the AAHA, AAVSB CE Taskforce, State Association, various academies, schools of veterinary medicine, and other State Veterinary Associations.  The Board will require twenty (20) hours per year in which a minimum of sixteen (16) hours must be in the area of scientific programs approved by the Board.  A maximum of four (4) hours may be in the area of practice management programs that are approved by the Board.  You may obtain all twenty (20) CE hours in-person.

There is no longer a State of Emergency in the State of Alabama, this is why Rule 930-X-1-.12. has been placed back into effect.