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Robert E. Martin, D.V.M.-  President
Dothan, Alabama
Term:  09-29-2016 to 03-14-2020  

Mrs. Anne Athey Payne - Vice President
Ramer, Alabama
Term:  08-22-2018 to 03-14-2022  

William T. Berry, D.V.M.
Ardmore, Alabama
Term:  07-21-2016 to 07-20-2020  

T. C. Branch, D.V.M.
Birmingham, Alabama
Term:  07-12-2018 to 03-14-2022  

William G. Bledsoe, D.V.M.
Camden, Alabama

Term:  03-22-2016 to 03-14-2020  

Margaret H. Ferrell, D.V.M.
Birmingham, Alabama

Term:  12-05-2018 to 10-10-2022  

Mickey J. Golden, D.V.M.
Pike Road,  Alabama

Term:  09-17-2017 to 09-16-2021  

Sandra Guyanne Harris, L.V.T.
Cleveland, Alabama

Term:  07-12-2018 to 03-14-2022